Improving Healthcare Outcomes In Chronic Disease - Enhancing The Curriculum At Masters Level (IHOD)

Hanoi Medical University

Hanoi - Vietnam

Hanoi Medical University was established in 1902 under the name Indochina Medico-Pharmaceutical University, and was the first university in Indochina. It has 7,000 students and is Vietnam’s leading medical university. Many achievements in the Vietnamese health sector have benefitted from direct and indirect contributions from the instructors and students of HAN. HAN aims to establish itself as a leading multidisciplinary medical university through active development and integration with the rest of the world and by continuously growing to meet and adapt to the needs and expectations of the Vietnamese health sector.

To develop Hanoi Medical University into a center of applied sciences and a leader in the transfer of health care technologies, a driving force is necessary. HAN prioritises the development of cutting-edge science such as molecular biology, gene-protein technology, nano-technology, stem cell applications in treatment, and disease prevention; with a focus on promoting research related to basic medicine & science including modem epidemiology, research on clinical applications, developing technology, training, combined with scientific research, and scientific and technological services.

Besides bilateral co-operation with many countries, HAN also develops multilateral co-operation with international organizations, such as: World Health Organization (WHO), as affiliate member of the WHO Center for Health Systems Research, United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), United Nations Development Fund(UNDP). These co-operations have obtained significant achievements. HAN has an International Master in Public Health degree in the Institute of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (IPMPH), and runs an International Nursing Programme. It has specialisms in diabetes treatment and pain management and public health issues related to HIV. This expertise will support its work in this project.

HAN will participate in work packages 1, 2, 3,4 and 5, and will play the lead role in the project in Vietnam. The particular expertise of the University in public health and nursing will be deployed to meet the project targets. HAN will participate by hosting the kick off meeting, attending a study tour of partners in the EU, developing programme curricula in line with the ECTS guidelines, helping to develop the approach and requirements for the masters programme, hosting one- week competence enhancing course, helping to develop modules and short courses, attending train the trainers courses in EU, hosting train the trainers courses, sending students for one month courses in the EU, participating in dissemination activity, i.e. workshops and a stakeholder conference.


Founded by the
Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Union

The Erasmus Programme (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a European Union (EU) Student Exchange Programme established in 1987.
Erasmus+ is the new programme combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth and sport.

Project Coordinator

Assoc. Professor Mary Casey

UCD School of Nursing,
Midwifery & Health Systems
Belfield, Dublin 4

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